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i-PresenceThis is our main area of expertise and we assure the originality of our works. Web Designing is all about the creativity and imagination. Most importantly, we are working as closely as possible with our clients to ensure your money is well spent and ideas well implemented.

After finding out your expectation and what your ideal website should be, we will look at the your company's position, conduct appropriate market research, understand what your company offers, what opportunities are available, and how to position your company at the right place to the right target market.

REMEMBER, this is NOT a "you throw us some money and we throw you a webpage back" deal. You can expect us to work with you and your expectation closely. In fact, we will keep you updated constantly during the production of your website.

We do not expect you to have your company's logo, any images, pictures and photos scanned, as long as you send us any images you want to be put on the webpage, we will help you to scan them. However if you already have those images scanned and saved in commonly-used formats ( such as .gif or .jpg ), you will save our time as well as your money

Websites are popping up like mushroom in the last few years, it is important to establish an Internet Presence right the first time. People are spoilt with choice, so a clean, welcoming, fast-downloading and search engine friendly website is the only way to ensure a strong foothold for your online business. We believe we are able to deliver such Internet Presence to you.

It is a never-ending story, so please do not hesitate to contact and ask us more.

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